Foggy Head, Dusty Nose and Eyes Half Open

S’been a while… but hey, i’m back!

I’m bouncing around the farm most days, though navigating upright has been enough of a challenge this week.


I’ve returned for another farming season on Vancouver Island, Canada.  We’re still growing food for a restaurant in Victoria, thankfully with more people working the land this year compared to last.  There’s no taking it easy though, we’re just doing more of what we did.  More animals, more vegetables, more flowers and no guessing how much more infrastructure!

I just thought i’d check in.  I’d like to keep a log the farming season if I can keep up with it.


Grateful to see the overcast morning and light drizzle today, though it didn’t ease the 6.30am start.  We typically work 45 hours or more during the week (Monday to Friday); but every fourth week, when the chore duties come around, there’ll be another 10 – 15 hours added on top.

Those weeks are a bitch.

Today is Friday.  It’ll be no surprise to hear that this week is my chores week.  I really wanna go to bed.  Like, really.


Also, it is the first week after solstice.  The chickens wake early and go to bed late.  Phoo-ey poo-ey, say I.

Grumble grumble.

But on the up side, I’m sat in a wheelbarrow tilted onto the handles (makes a great recliner) and watching the multiple shades of grey passing through the sky.


The air smells like damp charcoal steam.  I accidentally lit a small burn barrel to clean up the tumbling molehill of paper feed bags (which were inconsiderately blowing around the farm).  No more fires though, not until the fire ban has been lifted.

It is too chilly to be sat in barefeet.  Time to eat surely.


Solstice greetings, apologies for the overtired grumpy.